GOAL begins delivering aid to displaced families northern Syria
GOAL's Frank McManus talks to displaced families to assess their needs.

GOAL has begun delivering consignments of blankets and foodstuffs to displaced families in the Aleppo and Idlib provinces in northern Syria, where the onset of winter is making the plight of the displaced increasingly acute. In our most recent consignment, 12.5 tonnes of food was delivered to approximately 1,250 families.

Two-and-a-half million people currently require humanitarian aid in Syria, with 1.25 million displaced from their homes. The onset of winter will make the plight of the displaced even more precarious, as they struggle to stay warm in bitterly cold night-time temperatures. The UN estimates that four million Syrians will require humanitarian relief by the beginning of January.

Hundreds of thousands of families in Syria are at risk of hypothermia, malnutrition and severe illness unless the international community launches a massive humanitarian aid effort in the coming weeks.

A recent assessment by members of GOAL’s emergency response team in northern Syria found that thousands of families, who have been forced from their homes by the conflict, are taking shelter in public buildings, schools, farm buildings and under trees. They are all in urgent need of clean water, food, warm clothing and medical aid.

Donate now to help Syrian families get through this tough winter season.

“The situation for conflict-affected people in Syria is desperate, and it is worsening by the day,” says Frank McManus, GOAL’s Humanitarian Advisor, who is leading the organization’s response within northern Syria. “The displaced families that we found in northern Syria are living in absolutely dire conditions.

“They have been forced to take shelter in schools, mosques, farm sheds, and many are living out in the open. They do not have access to sufficient quantities of clean water, food, warm clothing or medical aid. With, in many instances, people crowded together sharing rooms and badly-equipped buildings, sanitation levels can be very poor.

“Unless we provide the displaced people with essential aid items, many will struggle to survive the winter conditions and may succumb to any number of life-threatening conditions and diseases.”

GOAL is currently seeking funds to commence a cash transfer programme and deliver other essential non-food items, including badly-needed hygiene kits.

Donate now to help Syrian families get through this tough winter season.
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